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Is a full service Local Business Consulting Firm. Our goal is to always help Local Business get on the first page of the search engines and build their customer base.

Everyone knows The Phone Book Yellow Pages do not work. Smart Local Business Owners are taking that money and building their online presence. The Return on Investment for Local Business owners being on the first page is huge.

You can have the most attractive website of all your competitors. You can hire usability experts, professional photographers, and the greatest PHP developers money can buy. If you aren’t on the first page of Google, you might as well be from Mars.

But on page optimization is only 20-30% of a site’s ranking. With Google’s new Caffeine update in May of 2010 off page optimization is even more important. Google and the other search engines are looking for a more Social Web Property.

  • Get your Web site ranked at the top of Google search results for your most prominent keyword
  • Boost your site’s traffic by many folds
  • Don’t chase your clients; let them find you
  • Make yourself rich even in the down-turn economy by easily selling your products and/or services from the comfort of your office
  • Be perceived as the best in your market – people generally associate the top ranking Web site as the best in the field
  • I have used my secret SEO techniques for many of my clients in different fields and in different parts of the world and they all enjoy top of Google or 1st page of Google rankings for their most popular keywords.

Search Marketing Local provides the following Local Search Marketing Services

Press Release

Video Marketing

Article Marketing



Web 2.0 Properties

Backlinks from High Authority Sites

Local business marketing can be something you want to understand very well. However, there is a little problem there and that is that ads are good for your business. However, how specific do you need to be to be able to hit the right spot and really get customers pouring in your shop. Getting the best brand name is not so easy, and the competition is something that is not going to give up either, therefore, you will need to understand as to what is it you do that really gets your customers coming in through your door.

Your business will see and different kind of customer support depending on what you advertise. local marketing online will play a very important role in defining your services and the kind of people that are going to come to youAt the same time you will also find special customers and you need to impress them as well.

However, it will be important to understand as to why they are coming to you all of a sudden. Or maybe it could have been the mass e-mails that you posted advertising your new products that attracted their attention.

You will have to remember that customers that are looking for bargains may not be so fussy with quality and therefore, it is very difficult to please those kinds of customers. However, one thing is definitely fascinating and that is that every customer reacts differently to a different advertisement, and therefore local online business marketing needs to be focused on these points and it needs to be able to cover a vast majority of people from all angles and points of view.

The possibilities are vast, however, you will need to know what is right and what is wrong and what the difference is. The basic will be that you are seeing your business grows and this means that so far you have done the right thing towards your online marketing project.

Have SEO companies left you feeling frustrated and discouraged when trying to get your business on the first pages of the search engines who use ‘traditional’ SEO techniques? Well you are not alone!

Because the rules of the web are ever-changing, so must be the tools and strategies to optimize your visibility.

Search Marketing Local works with growing businesses to create aggressive online and offline marketing campaigns. We specializes in unique and proven marketing techniques designed to increase your visibility among search engines, and to increase overall traffic to your website. Local Search Marketing Services to help business to the top of the search engines is what Search Marketing Local specializes in.

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