Mobile Phone Marketing- How to Boost Your Business Profits?

by on August 14, 2010

Marketing a product or service to potential customers entails making crucial decision. You need to consider what media to choose so you could reach your potential customers so as to increase sales. However, it is a given fact that not all marketing strategies work, and not all techniques are affordable. In fact, you could spend millions of dollars on TV advertising alone.  Thanks to mobile phones that are now getting more and more advanced, you can now do mobile phone marketing to advertise your business without you having to spend a big amount of money.

Why Choose Mobile Phone Marketing Strategy to Introduce Your Business?

Today, having a mobile phone is a necessity than luxury. Mobile phones allow people a fast communication through calls or instant personal messages—the feature that is also actually a useful tool in marketing.

Mobile phone marketing is perhaps the most effective way available today to introduce your products to your potential customers. The increasing number of mobile phone users makes it easier for a marketer to reach several millions of customers in the shortest period of time.  In fact, there are more users of mobile phones than users of computer or television. People also bring mobile phones anywhere and almost any time of the day, thus allowing you to market your products 24/7 to your potential customers. Moreover, unlike computer or television, people get to receive your marketing campaign instantly and they can provide fast feedback to you as well.

Through cell phone marketing, you are introducing your business to your target audience personally. Text messaging your advertisement to mobile phones adds a personal touch to your ads, which can also increase the recipients’ interest in your ads. Moreover, mobile phone marketing also allows you to target customers. While it is good to use a marketing method that allows you to easily reach millions of people, it still does not help your business if these people are not interest in the products or services you offer. The advantage of mobile phone marketing is that it helps you target customers.

You can also do viral marketing through mobile phones. If the people to whom you sent your ads liked your ads and are interested in your ads, they will likely send the ads to their family and friends.

Another advantage of making use of mobile phone for marketing is that SMS or Short Message Service is 10 times more affordable than any other methods.  If you are using an effective SMS marketing platform, you can definitely have a response rate of at least 20%.  There are many cheap platforms available today. And with just a little investment in this marketing strategy, you can definitely increase your customers and boost your profits.

Start an effective mobile phone marketing campaign by understanding your target market. By determining who you target audience are, you should also determine their age group, occupation, and demographics. This should help you construct your mass SMS marketing so you could turn your potential clients into loyal customers.

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